Trailer Repair

Elk Grove Truck and Trailer Repair proudly brings the quality of service for trailer repairs as well as bringing it to you as quickly as possible to get you back up and running. As part of a company that has dry vans as well as step decks and flatbeds in their fleet, we know our way around a trailer. From replacing tires and brakes, to replacing body panels, upper and lower rails, to even replacing an entire roof, we can do it all. Starting at $59.59 per hour for body work, to $95 per hour for mechanical work, our shop is one of the least expensive shops in the Chicagoland area. We pride ourselves on our quality of work and go above and beyond to make our customers happy. We provide welding services from a welder who has years of experience welding on steel and aluminum. If it’s on a trailer, you better believe we can fix it.